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Optimize your resume.
Get noticed.
Get interviews.
Get ahead!

Jobs Scout is an AI-powered analytical engine helping job seekers like you to optimize your resume perfectly for the role you want.


Use it today and stay ahead of the competition. 

Try up to 3 analyses per month for free!  

Analyze job postings

Personalized resume enhancements

Tailored cover letters and interview questions

Use Jobs-Scout's actionable AI-driven insights to showcase how you match a job perfectly


The Jobs-Scout platform leverages AI to generate deep insights about your resume to elevate your job hunting experience.

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Optimize your Resume like never before

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to polished, professional resume content that match the job requirements and gets you noticed. Jobs Scout is here to significantly improve your interview chances. 

Meet the job posting's 
requirements with ease

Jobs Scout leverages advanced AI capabilities to dive deep into the job descriptions. It then delivers comprehensive, actionable feedback you can incorporate into your resume to catch the recruiter’s eyes –and get hired faster than ever.

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Generate personalized, confident cover letters

Generate cover letters tailored perfectly to the job and to your unique experience and qualifications. You’ll stand out in the crowd in no time.  

Manage and track your jobs like a pro

Keeping track of the jobs you’ve applied for could seem daunting. Jobs Scout gives you a personalized dashboard you can use to monitor, store, manage, and modify your activities –all without losing track of your next goal.   


How it works


 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload your resume(s)

  2. Enter the Job Posting information

  3. Select the resume to review - and click your heels for the magic!


That's it! You'll have a comprehensive match analysis, actionable feedback and a cover letter at your fingertips in seconds.


Repeat for all the jobs you're applying to and tailor your resumes perfectly!

Why Jobs-Scout

Why Jobs-Scout?

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Built using proven feedback on what Hiring Mangers are looking for

Jobs-Scout was built from the ground-up through the expertise of dozens of experienced and senior hiring managers.


These professionals have written numerous job descriptions, reviewed thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of candidates themselves.  Most importantly, they also switched jobs and pivoted their own careers by leveraging the power of their resume.  So they know what they're talking about and we've brought their wisdom to you through the power of Jobs-Scout!

"The resume must reflect the job as closely as possible."

This is the resounding advice on how to hit the job bulls-eye. The challenge is that many applicants don't know how to do that - so we're here to help.


Through many iterations of development and testing, your Jobs-Scout team developed the AI models and algorithms to refine the quality of the AI analyses and suggestions to help job searchers match their resume as closely as possible to the job. We believe this will truly help anyone stand out and be selected for the next step in the application process. 

Our mission is to help you land your dream job!

What Our Users Say’s a killer product and I 100% credit it to getting me employed

Anna, Financial Services Manager

“Jobs-Scout helped me analyze my resume and find areas to improve. I'm highly recommending it to anyone looking to improve their job search...”

David, Software Engineer

“I used Jobs-Scout to tailor my resume for the job I wanted. I got multiple interviews and now I have an amazing job!”

Marie, Marketing Manager

Built with Job Seekers in Mind

Jobs-Scout was built from the ground up with job seekers in mind. Our goal is to make the job hunting process faster, easier, and more efficient.

You get 3 free analyses a month. Try Jobs Scout today and never worry about getting lost in the pile of resumes again.  

Ready to take your job search to the next level?
Try Jobs-Scout today for free!

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